NOTICE OF MAY MEETINGS NORTHERN BURLINGTON COUNTY REGIONAL BOARD OF EDUCATION Notice is hereby given that the Northern Burlington County Regional Board of Education will...

New Jersey Department of Education Special Education Parent Survey

Our district has been selected to participate in a statewide survey being conducted by the New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Special Education. The survey is...


NOTICE OF APRIL MEETING NORTHERN BURLINGTON COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Notice is hereby given that the Northern Burlington County Regional Board of Education will meet, in...





about 1 month ago

Superintendent Search
The Board of Education of the Northern Burlington County Regional School District, Burlington County, is initiating a search for a Superintendent of Schools to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Education in accordance with the Board Policies and New Jersey Statutes. The Board of Education has retained the New Jersey Association of School Administrators (NJASA) as consultant to assist in the selection of candidates.

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2 months ago

March 9, 2022

Dear Parents and Faculty:

On Monday evening, March 7th, the Board’s Curriculum Committee met to review concerns and discuss strategies and options to strengthen the No Place For Hate (NPFH) program. NPFH has been implemented at NB since 2019. An advisory committee composed of teachers, students, and parents help guide the implementation of the school-wide activities of this club. On behalf of the Committee, I am pleased to provide the following update.

The committee was composed of Board members (4), administrators (4), faculty and program advisors (4). Please accept the following summary notes from the meeting:

• Our world is becoming increasingly diverse and our students must be equipped to handle dialogue with others who have varied perspectives. NPFH provides the framework to support this important work.
• NPFH is not a prescribed curriculum. It is a student-led climate improvement initiative which addresses relevant and timely issues within our school community.
• The NPFH club meets with faculty advisors after school to plan and coordinate school-wide activities. This is consistent with how all clubs operate at NB.
• NPFH activities are completed throughout the school year during extended homeroom periods and concepts are woven into academic lessons when appropriate.
• We acknowledge the positive impact which the NPFH activities have on our students and our school culture. Students display increased sensitivity in how they speak with each other and are more conscious of their word choices.

Moving forward, the district will:

• Provide additional professional development to improve our teachers’ capacity in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.
• Continue to practice appropriate and respectful communications from all aspects of the organization to model expectations for students.
• Improve program transparency by increasing communication to parents about NPFH activities and strategies to weave the program into the school day.
• Provide a forum for parents to communicate feedback or pose questions.

The administration and advisors will present this update at the March 16th PTSC meeting. This meeting will be advertised in the principals’ messages and on the district’s Facebook page to encourage attendees. This will also provide for more informed, respectful dialogue than time and format permit during public Board of Education meetings.
The Board and this administration are committed to the No Place for Hate Pledge which condemns Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying and better unifies our community. Maintaining and growing a school culture which respects diversity, demands equity, and welcomes inclusivity defines our purpose. As we continue to find ways to improve all our programs, we will also continue to include our stakeholders in the conversation.


James Sarruda, Ed. D.



3 months ago

February 25, 2022

Dear Parents and Faculty:

Recently, the Board has received emails from our students, faculty, and community regarding the district’s No Place For Hate program. I have responded to individual emails and now I see it more appropriate to send this message to our parents and our faculty. To be clear, the Board has never considered eliminating NB’s No Place For Hate club. Instead, the Board heard concerns from the public and is prepared to review these concerns.

Much of what I present in this letter has been included in my individual emails to various stakeholders. In consideration of these emails as well as the concerns shared with the Board at its last Board meeting, I would like to share the following:

- The Board strongly supports the mission of the school district:
“Our schools will provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is
empowered to be a creative, independent, critical thinker, and a responsible
citizen in a rapidly changing global society.”
- We believe that all students have the right to an education in a safe and caring
environment where learning is valued.
- We believe in developing a culture that respects and honors the uniqueness of
the individual and fosters responsibility toward the community while guiding
students to meet their potential.

Again, the Board has received complaints from community members regarding the program and some of its activities. In response to these complaints, the Board’s Curriculum Committee has been tasked to examine the program and discuss strategies and options to improve.

Regarding the upcoming committee meetings, please know that all the discussions will be well informed. Informed dialogue is essential and the diversity of our stakeholder’s points of view is certainly critical to informed dialogue. The board and all its committees work to ensure all who attend the committee meetings are well informed. For example, we do intend to include club advisors for the meeting (s) to discuss the district’s No Place for Hate program. Again, in response to these complaints, the Board’s Curriculum Committee will be discussing the program with the administration and the advisors and considering strategies and options to improve the program where appropriate. The committee will share a progress report to the full Board in March. The Board and this administration are committed to maintaining and growing a school culture that respects diversity, demands equity, and welcomes inclusivity. As we continue to find ways to improve all our programs, we will also continue to include our stakeholders in the conversation.


Dr. Sarruda



5 months ago

January 2, 2022

Good evening:

Although we were looking forward to reopening school to in-person instruction on Monday January 3, it has become apparent that NB will need to pivot to remote learning this week. The district has just received approval from the Burlington County Office of Education and the Department of Health to do so. This request and subsequent approval is based on the positive cases and symptomatic numbers reported among our staff. These totals have changed significantly in the last 24 hours. It is essential that we are able to properly staff our schools with teachers, support staff, and administrators so that our students can have a safe and effective learning environment. At this time, it is clear that we are faced with a significant number of faculty and staff impacted by COVID which makes it impractical for us to adequately staff and implement our programs. As a result, we are forced to make the following changes to our schedule:

Monday, January 3, 2022 will be a professional development day for faculty and staff, there will be NO SCHOOL for students.

Tuesday, January 4 - Friday, January 7, 2022, will be remote instruction for students.

Here are the details that parents/guardians can expect for this week:

Monday, January 3
• Teachers will email all parents and students the directions for how to access classes for the remainder of this week
• Teachers will also post directions in Google Classroom for how to join virtual classes

Tuesday - Friday, January 4-7
• Teachers will be in-person, students will be remote
• Teachers and students will follow a regular bell schedule with all classes meeting virtually each day
• Attendance will be taken for each class
• In cases where a teacher is absent, alternate plans will be posted for students on Google Classroom
• Plans for lunch distribution will be forthcoming

Monday, January 10
• Students return to in-person classes

After-School Activities - 1/3/22 - 1/7/22:
• In-person practices/games will resume for both the High School and Middle School.
• Teams impacted by staff shortages will be notified by the coach via Google Classroom.
• Students are expected to attend all in-person practices/games as regularly scheduled
• Practices will start at approximately 3:00 PM, and end at approximately 5:00 PM
• Games will start as per the RSchool athletic schedule found on
• No after-school transportation will be provided. Students must secure rides to and from after-school practices. Transportation will be provided for off-campus games.
• Spectators to after-school games are currently not limited. Face coverings must be worn.

We will continue to closely monitor our numbers and keep you advised of any developments.


James Sarruda, Ed.D



5 months ago

December 20, 2021

Recently a notification letter was mailed to those individuals who may have been impacted by a data security incident suffered by the Northern Burlington County Regional School District. The letter you may have received from the Northern Burlington County Regional School District is legitimate. To date, we know of no misuse of any information.

It is important that you review your notification letter closely. If your personally identifiable information (PII) was involved, the school provided important information about the incident, what information was involved, and what services Northern Burlington County Regional School District is providing to those whose personally identifiable information was involved to protect against the potential for identity theft or fraud.

If on the other hand, your PII was not involved, you may have received a letter addressing unauthorized access to student records. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or “FERPA,” the school is required to document unauthorized access to student information in a student’s file. However, given the nature of this event, we deemed it appropriate to not only document the incident but also send a formal notification letter.

Again, please be advised that to date, we know of no misuse of any information.

If you have any further questions regarding the incident, please call the toll-free dedicated assistance phone line also known as the Call Center identified in the letter that you received. The Call Center is staffed with individuals who have the information available to answer your question(s).

Thank you.