Our Mission

The mission of the Northern Burlington County Regional School District, in shared alliance with home and community, is to establish a dynamic and challenging academic environment that promotes lifelong learning. Our schools will provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is empowered to be a creative, independent, critical thinker, and a responsible citizen in a rapidly changing global society.

Our Beliefs

1. We believe that all students have the right to an education in a safe and caring environment where learning is valued.

2. We believe that our students are our community’s most valuable asset and our educators are our most valuable resource.

3. We believe that professional and personal growth create a culture of lifelong learning.

4. We believe that an individualized, challenging curriculum is the foundation of an academically enriched, student-centered environment which supports all learners.

5. We believe in developing a culture that respects and honors the uniqueness of the individual and fosters responsibility toward the community while guiding students to meet their potential.

6. We believe all students must be conscientious, respectful, and purposeful users of information and communication technologies.

7. We believe that schools share the responsibility with home and community in teaching and modeling ethical behavior as well as positive social and academic skills.