High School Summer Assignments and Summer Reading

NB wishes you and your family a wonderful summer break from the routine. Although summer is an opportunity for students to relax and regroup, we encourage students to keep essential skills sharpened.

Summer assignments for Advanced Placement, Honors, and all English courses can be accessed here at (Summer Assignments). These assignments are not optional and are expected to be completed by the first week of school.

 Students are encouraged to sharpen their skills in English through summer reading. Research shows that summer reading helps prevent the loss of learning; therefore, NB supports recreational reading over the summer where students choose books they want to read. The summer reading is optional; however, Scholastic and Barnes & Noble both offer great incentives for summer reading. For more information, click here.

Please direct any questions about English summer assignments or summer reading to:

Dr. Leslie Puente-Ervin, lpuente-ervin@nburlington.com, (609) 298-3900 ext. 2740