Middle School Summer Enrichment

Summer is a time for students to take a break from school, but not from learning. To that end, we encourage our students to engage in activities that will continue to develop their academic skills. Specifically, we want students to participate in the following:

  1. Reading: Northern promotes book choice for summer reading. Students are encouraged to read a variety of different genres and formats, such as science fiction, graphic novels, and comics. Research has shown that when students are able to engage in self-directed reading, they are more likely to enjoy the reading. Students, however, should also challenge themselves by exploring new topics as well as genres that are outside their usual comfort zone. Parents can support recreational reading by facilitating a Family Book Club or signing up students for summer programs such as Scholastic’s Book Palooza. The more they read this summer, the more they are likely to be prepared for the rich, literary conversations that await them in ELA.

  2. Mathematics: Students are encouraged to maintain their math skills and knowledge, as well as explore new topics based on their interests. Listed below are several web based resources in mathematics for students to use this summer.

In addition, students who attended Northern Burlington this past year have an ALEKS account. This online resource can also be used to continue the exploration of mathematical concepts. For those students entering as seventh graders in the fall, they will not have access to this resource until they start school in September,

While students can complete these assignments on their own, doing it in conjunction with parents and other family members can make it a more meaningful process. These are not formal assignments and nothing needs to be submitted to teachers when school resumes in September.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Leslie Puente-Ervin at lpuente-ervin@nburlington.com with questions relative to the Language Arts, and Mrs. Deborah Droke at ddroke@nburlington.com with questions pertaining to Mathematics.