Instructions for the Completion of Working Papers

The Application for working papers is in a link below. After printing the form, the directions for completing it are listed below:

  1. Complete Section A (be sure to include your social security number).
  2. Have your employer complete Section B including wages and hours. Be sure to have your parent/guardian sign in this section where noted.
  3. Have Section C (Physician’s Certificate) completed either by the nurse (if you’ve had a physical here at Northern) or by your family physician. Make sure the date is completed in this section.
  4. The minor must sign Section G “Signature of Minor”.
  5. Once these sections are completed bring it back with a copy of your birth certificate, military I.D. card, or passport. The office will complete the form (Sections F and G) including the principal’s signature. (Please note that a driver’s license is not considered an appropriate form of ID by the State of NJ for the purpose of securing working papers).

* If the minor is attends a private school or is “out of district”, the school which the minor attends must complete Section E.

Working Papers