Tracy Nagy


Speech Therapist




Language, Articulation, and Phonological Disorders

Many children demonstrate difficulties understanding language (comprehension) and using language (expressive). We recognize that language is used to communicate our needs, feelings and ideas with those around us. When a child has difficulty understanding and using language, it has the potential to affect his social development, emotional development and academic development. Problems associated with understanding and using language are often categorized as a Language Delay. There are a variety of possible causes for a language delay and we can provide suggestions and therapy to improve his or her language skills.

Some children often demonstrate difficulty producing speech sounds. Speech articulation requires the correct production of sounds to form words. Children need words to communicate. It is not uncommon for young children to have difficulty producing specific speech sounds. Speech sound development is often related to the child's chronological age and may not be a problem. If your child is difficult to understand or you are concerned about his or her speech development, testing should be done to determine the nature of your child's problem and make recommendations for treatment.

If you have concerns regarding your child's speech or language development, you should consider a speech and language evaluation conducted by a special language pathologist. This evaluation will help to determine the nature of your child's communication problem so that appropriate recommendations and management suggestions can be provided.