May 11, 2021

Dear NB Families:

I am pleased to remind our families that beginning this week, the week of May 10th, our in person students will be attending classes five (5) days a week while maintaining the virtual option for those who have selected the 100% virtual program option. This program change was announced several weeks ago to allow time for all school personnel including faculty and support staff, our parents and students to better prepare for the schedule change.

More recently, our region, the southwest region of New Jersey, has moved from “High” to “Moderate” with regards to the COVID Activity Levels and these data have allowed us to transition from the 6’ social distancing guidelines to the 3’ social distancing guidelines throughout the Middle School and the High School. Health and safety measures will remain intact as we adjust social distancing measures from “minimally six feet” to “minimally three feet and optimally six feet where possible.” This applies to students while riding the school bus and in the classrooms. In addition, the NB school community just completed our second consecutive week without any new cases of Covid among our faculty and students, both in person and remote. This is all very positive news.

I am also pleased to report that our spring activities have been quite successful. The spring sports are underway in both schools. The high school teams have maintained their full schedules while the middle school is engaged in intramural opportunities. The high school musical, which was performed in the stadium, was a tremendous success. We are busy now planning various activities including our spring concerts, for both schools.

As reported in the Principal’s Bulletin last week, beginning Monday, May 10th, students who are physically attending school will begin attending school Five (5) Days a week. The students will simply follow an alternating A/B schedule that will alternate everyday, including Wednesdays. Please see the calendar at this link for the day to day schedule and please note that the days of the week that are A days and the days of the week that are B days will vary week to week. For those students who are attending in person, bus pick up and drop off will remain the same. Therefore, the week of May 10th schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, May 10 will be an A Day: Periods 1-2 through 8

  • Tuesday, May 11 will be a B Day: Periods 10 through 16-17

  • Wednesday, May 12 will be an A Day: Periods 1 through 8

  • Thursday, May 13 will be a B Day: Periods 10 through 17

  • Friday, May 14 will be an A Day : Periods 1 through 8

Student dismissal times will not change and the afternoon program of asynchronous instruction will continue as well to support our remote students.

With the Governor’s most recent announcement regarding COVID-19 restrictions for schools, I am pleased to update our school community on a few year-end activities.

Prom 2021:
The Prom (Seniors & Juniors only) will be held on Friday, June 4th from 7pm - 11 pm at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill. Although the Governor raised the limit for indoor venues to 250, we still must maintain COVID protocols for indoor gatherings:

  • There will still be several ballrooms used.

  • Tickets will only be sold to Northern Burlington students, 1 per student

  • NO outside guests will be permitted.

  • Masks will be mandated the whole evening.

  • Dancing will be permitted.

  • Desserts will be served.

Tickets are available for purchase online until Wednesday, May 12, 2021. The online store is open for Seniors ONLY. The online store will open for the purchase of Junior tickets on Monday, May 10th. Seniors can purchase tickets during the entire ticket sales window. Look for the store link in the "Class of" Google Classroom.

Any questions or concerns, please contact kballinger@nburlington.com or mjarvis@nburlington.com.

Please be advised that graduation is scheduled for June 17th. We understand that the Governor has relaxed some restrictions. Please note that we are still required to maintain 6 ft. social distancing. Stay tuned for more specific details.

Senior Send Off 2021:
Plans for a Senior Send Off for our students are being developed. This would include pick up of caps & gowns, yearbooks, senior t-shirts and yard signs. More details will follow in the Principal’s Bulletin.

Standardized Testing:
On April 7, 2021, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) announced that, due to impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, the US Department of Education has approved New Jersey’s request to waive the spring administration of the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA). Instead of the Spring 2021 NJSLA, students will be tested using the “Start Strong” assessments in ELA, Math, and Science in the Fall of 2021. As a result, this letter is to notify you that the NJSLA will not be given during Spring 2021. The assessment waiver only applies to the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA) statewide assessment program in English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, and Science. The NJDOE has advised that further guidelines regarding the “Start Strong” are forthcoming. We will provide you with updated information/guidance as we receive it from the NJDOE.

As I have mentioned throughout this school year, we recognize the significant toll the past year has had on our students, families, faculty, and staff. Your continued patience in these matters is very much appreciated. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s principal, teachers, or counselor.   


James Sarruda, Ed.D.