In event your child or anyone in your household tests positive for COVID-19 or displays symptoms, please keep them home from school and contact the school attendance hotline to leave a message. Please be sure to include your child's name as well as a number where you can be reached.

High School 609-298-3900 x 2215
Middle School 609-298-3900 x 4060

In addition, please contact the appropriate school nurse at 609-298-3900

Middle School: Mrs. Theresa Pugliese - tpugliese@nburlington.com 609-298-3900 x 4030
High School East: Mrs. Mary Crane - mcrane@nburlington.com 609-298-3900 x 2085
High School West: Mrs. Gina Nocon - gnocon@nburlington.com 609-298-3900 x 2216

One of the nurses will contact you when school is in session (virtual or in person).

Of course, specific medical questions about your child should be directed to your family physician and in the event of a medical emergency, call 911.