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Starting in spring 2005, we have added notification to parents of children under 5% or over 95% of CDC recommended weight standards. Research now shows children are at risk for childhood obesity which predisposes them for health issues as they age.Please access the following website for additional information: http://www.obesity.org

NJ Family Care provides free or low cost insurance for children and their parents/guardians. For more information or to apply please visit www.njfamilycare.org.

Summary of NJ School Immunization Requirements

Recommended Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule

It’s Flu Season 2020-2021

Q: When is it too late to get a Flu Shot?

A: When you’re sick from catching the flu 

The Burlington County Health Department offers residents free seasonal flu vaccines, and many Doctor’s offices, Urgent Care Centers, and pharmacies like CVS & Walgreens also offer free or low-cost Flu shots.

The convergence of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the start of flu season means some people can become infected with both illnesses, as well as put more stress on an already stressed-out health system.

“While not as deadly or transmissible as COVID-19, influenza still sends at least 100,000 people to the hospital each year,” said Health Department Director Dr. Herbert Conaway in a statement. “Getting a flu shot also helps conserve potentially scarce health care resources during this pandemic.”

The vaccines will be available every Thursday at the BCHD (See flyer) starting on Sept. 24 through January at clinics throughout the county.



Take Three Actions to Fight Flu Infographic | CDC

Sick With Flu? Know What to Do! | CDC

Where to get a Flu Shot in NJ https://www.nj211.org/get-flu-ready

Human Papilomavirus Vaccine - HPV (PDF)

HPV Vaccine: Information for Parents (PDF)

What Parents Should Know About HPV Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness (PDF)

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