NBC Transition Program

The Northern Burlington County Regional High School Transition Program was piloted in 2005 in an effort to increase our support and services to students with disabilities. This program is also supported through State and Federal mandates. The Transition Program employs a Person-Centered Planning approach in order to provide students who have significant disabilities the opportunity to develop independent living skills, self-advocacy skills, and career skills that lead to gainful employment.

The goal of the Transition Program is to prepare students for life after educational services end at age 21. Each student’s individual needs are specifically addressed through a Transition Plan, as part of their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The Transition Plan is completed with the IEP team and serves as a guide to best prepare the student for life after educational services conclude at age 21. Students will receive their High School Diploma at the completion of the Northern Burlington County Regional High School Transition Program.

Transition Program Mission

  • Promote independence in the areas of socio/emotional development, interpersonal skills, employment skills, life skills, and self-advocacy skills.

Structured Learning Experiences (SLE)

  • Each student who participates in the Transition Program will have the opportunity to attend regular SLE within the local community

  • SLE students travel to local establishments such as grocery stores, restaurants, local businesses and community organizations

  • During SLE, students practice life skills such as purchasing goods and making choices

Job Sampling Opportunities

  • Students can participate in unpaid job sampling opportunities, on and off- campus

  • Job sampling is student-driven and arranged based on each student’s area of interest, skill level, and employment readiness skills

  • Job experiences generally occur two to three times per week and lasts up to two hours

  • Students work with a job coach until it is determined that it may be appropriate to allow the student to job sample without coaching

Career Services

  • Career interest assessments

  • Resume support

  • Job application support

  • Career-based tours

  • Referral services

  • Transition planning

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