Middle School Drama Production

The owners of The Meteorite Inn, Doug and his sister, Peggy, decide to capitalize on the fact that they’re close to a restricted zone known only as ’Area 502.’ (Rumor has it the government keeps an alien prisoner housed there!)  The hotel’s dining room specialty becomes ’Marsburgers’ and they rent out the conference room to Hyacinth Muggleworth, a rather eccentric lady who’s holding a UFO convention. The Meteorite Inn overflows with excited UFO believers and speakers who claim they’ve been abducted by aliens and held prisoner in spaceships!  Sheriff Chickamauga tries to figure things out as he munches on a doughnut.  Is that an alien starship hovering overhead? With its hilarious action and funny dialogue, this play is out of this world!  You could even say it’s X-cellent!

The performances will be on December 9 and 10 at the middle school.   Tickets will be sold at the door starting at 6:30 pm.  The curtain rises at 7:30 pm.  Adult tickets are $8 and $5 for Students/Seniors with ID.  Tickets are cash only, exact change appreciated.  We hope to see you there!