1. A video recording of the public presentation of NB’s Strategic Plan to Reopen. This presentation was made during the public session of the special board meeting held on July 27, 2020 
    NB BOE Special Board Meeting - Monday, July 27, 2020 (Video)

  2. The PowerPoint presented at the July 27, 2020 board meeting.
      NB's Strategic Plan to Reopen - September 2020 Presentation (PDF)

  3. A video presentation discussing “A Day in the Life” of an NB student while participating in either the 100 % Remote or In-Person Hybrid Instruction model.  
    A Day in the Life  (Video)

  4. A video presentation that demonstrates the cleaning procedures and protocols that are being used throughout the Middle School and the High School. “NB Clean Rooms” video discusses equipment as well as the cleaning and disinfectant supplies being used.
    NB Clean Rooms (Video)

  5. A video presentation of Dr. Kearns taking his 7th grade students on a virtual tour of the Middle School. 

    MS Orientation virtual Middle School Tour August 2020 (Video)

  6. A video tour of the High School Campus additions and renovations.
    HS Construction Update August 31, 2020.

  7. To help our families better understand the complexities of the school day, Dr. Stella and the Director Team created this Office of Academics Welcome Message. (Video)