20 July 2021 / FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & Answers: Please note guidelines will change as guidelines from state and federal agencies adjust to current events. 

Q: When my child comes to NB for school each day, what pre screening protocols do you anticipate will be in place for September 2021? Will the district continue with the temperature screening?

A: At this time, the board and its administration are closely monitoring the changing guidelines and regulations for schools with a particular focus on the CDC, the Department of Health, and the State regulations. NB’s plan currently states that “the district will continue to enforce pre screening prior to the arrival to school.” However, at this time, NB’s Safe Return Plan (SRP) does not include student, faculty, or visitor temperature checks each morning. We do anticipate some form of health screening prior to the students arrival to campus.

Q: In looking ahead to the start of school in September, I am curious to know if the district will be following the guidance released by the CDC regarding mask wearing in schools. As I am sure you know, the CDC recommends all unvaccinated students and teachers wear masks, and make mask use universally required if you have difficulty monitoring or enforcing mask policies that are not universal.

A: NB adopted its “Safe Return Plan” (SRP) at the June Board of Education Meeting and this SRP is posted on our web page (www.nburlington.com). With regard to face coverings, the current state directives require their use on bus transportation but they will be optional elsewhere. The district is prepared to pivot in the event directives are issued requiring face coverings in schools.