The following FAQ’s are being posted on Thursday August 6. Please note that if you have additional questions, simply click on the link provided. 

  1. Q: I am on the task force that helped identify the plans for cleaning desks before/after each class period. Since then, I read somewhere that students aren't supposed to be handling the chemicals that are approved for disinfecting the classrooms. If this is true, who is cleaning the classrooms before and after each class period?
    A: The district will be providing each classroom a spray bottle containing the Bioesque Thymox disinfectant that can be applied as appropriate.
  2. Q: I believe the plan was to have 22-29 kids on each bus. Will there be another adult, besides the bus driver, to monitor that students are keeping socially distant and wearing masks? The temptation for students to eat on the way home from school is great. It appears this could be a super-spreader situation.
    A: There will not be additional personnel on the bus. Bus drivers will have spare masks for students that do not have a mask and want to get on the bus. Non-compliant behavior will be reported to the administration for appropriate counseling and/or discipline.
  3. Q: I saw in the FAQs that the Burlington County Health Department would provide guidance if a student/staff member tested positive. I thought originally the school doctor indicated the school would need to close down upon a positive in-school case?
    A: If a student or faculty member tested positive should stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after their symptoms first appeared. They can return to school if
    They have had no fever for at least 72 hours (three full days without the use of medicine that reduces fever)
    Other symptoms have improved (for example, symptoms of cough or shortness of breath have improved)
  4. Q: Many families are traveling this summer. How is the district ensuring students have quarantined if they traveled to one of the 31 states on the "mandatory quarantine list"? (Side story - we typically vacation in Myrtle Beach. We canceled our trip because of it being a "hot spot." In speaking with many people before canceling the trip, most people said they'd still go to Myrtle Beach but wouldn't be public about it so they could avoid quarantining.)
    A: We all must follow the Governor’s Guidelines. Families have been advised that if they travel to these states in August they must quarantine.
  5. Q: What is the number of students/staff that would require the HS or MS to shutdown?
    A: We will be following the guidance of the Burlington County Department of Health on such issues.
  6. Q: How will you ensure social distancing when transferring from class to class? During construction, it was very crowded getting from the 2 HS buildings. Has that changed?
    A: In the hybrid model, we anticipate less than 50% of our student population on campus at any one time. These reduced numbers will help with the social distancing between classes. Also, we are only having four (4) classes each day so the students will only be passing between classes three times a day.
  7. Q: Will pick up/drop off procedures and times change? Assume more folks will opt out of bus and more will be driving to and from the school. Are you considering staggered start/end times based on Blue/Grey split?
    A: At this time, we don’t anticipate the pick up and drop off times changing. However, we are reviewing the procedures for student drop off from parents.
  8. Q. How will classes with Labs be handled remotely?
    A: Teachers will be working closely with students to strategically develop and offer remote activities for students in a lab setting. Lab-based/hands-on classes present a challenge for students who are remote. However, these courses also present a challenge for students who are in-person to maintain social distancing while safely using materials/equipment. Our teachers will work to provide students with the foundational knowledge of these content areas. Demonstrations and/or simulations may take the place of hands-on experiences.
  9. Q: Will there be a virtual tour or walk through of procedures for students prior to start of school..esp entering 7th graders?
    A: We are preparing a virtual tour of the building for all of our students. We are also planning on orientation activities for students as they start school, especially for our seventh graders.
  10. Q: Will my incoming 7th grader have an opportunity to meet his new middle school teachers either the first day or prior to the start of his remote learning through November?
    A: We are contemplating strategies on how to bring students and teachers together early in the year to help build relationships. We understand just how important this is.
    We recognize the importance of students meeting their teachers and establishing relationships. All students will have the opportunity to interact with their teachers remotely, even on days they are not physically in school and this includes those students who are completely remote. The district is working to distribute Chromebooks so that students can easily engage with their teachers and classmates in the remote environment. We are striving to promote connections between students and their teachers while respecting parents wishes to educate their children from home.


  1. Q: Will face coverings be required on premise for all students, as well as staff and faculty?
    A: Yes, face coverings will be required for students, faculty and staff at all times, including while riding the school bus. Face coverings may not be required during athletic/aerobic activities.
  2. Q: How will classrooms and equipment be routinely maintained during the school day?
    A: Each classroom will be equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfecting supplies, which will be readily available.
  3. Q: Can a slide detailing the "a day in the life of" for each of the options be provided so us parents can make an informed choice?
    A: A recorded presentation of A Day in the Life of a Remote Student at NB will be posted on the website by Thursday, July 30.
  4. Q: Are there any plans to address students that are coming mid-school year who are coming from the states that are on the Governor's restriction list? Are there any plans to force quarantine prior to class start using the hybrid model
    A: Anyone entering the district from those states identified by the Governor will be subject to proper quarantine guidelines.
  5. Q: What happens if there is a confirmed case of COVID? Will individuals be quarantined?
    A: If someone is confirmed Covid positive, the Burlington County Department of Health will be notified. The Department of Health will follow Contact Tracing protocol and communicate with individuals the need to isolate or quarantine.
  6. Q: How are you coordinating families with kids in NB’s constituent elementary school districts? Will they be on the same schedule?
    A: Northern Burlington is working to coordinate the school calendar with the sending districts. In-person cohort schedules may differ from the elementary school in-person schedule.
  7. Q: What will the pivot to 100% remote learning look like?
    A: The schedule of synchronous learning will be maintained remotely.
  8. Q: Synchronous check in during hybrid home days?
    A: Yes. Students will be expected to log on during their assigned class time, every day.


  1. Q: Will the 100% virtual learning allow teachers to live stream their classes so that those at home are participating and actively involved?
    A: When schools reopen for in-person learning in September, 100% Remote students will participate during the scheduled period. Attendance will be taken. Participation will take a variety of forms depending on the department, content, or specific learning goal for the period. Live streaming may occur.
  2. Q: If our family selects either the hybrid or 100% virtual model of instruction, are we obligated to carry out our choice for the entirety of 2020-2021, or will this be something that will be reevaluated as the months and the virus treatments progress?
    A: The district will reevaluate the delivery of instruction on a regular basis. Families that select 100% virtual instruction will be obligated to carry out their choice for the first making period only, through approximately November 13. Families that select the hybrid model of instruction may request that their student be moved to the 100% virtual model. Proper consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis. At the end of the first marking period, the district will reevaluate the status and allow families to change.
  3. Q: Will more detail be provided for Special Education schedules? The examples/options provided do not necessarily translate well for Special Education which have unique classroom settings and schedules for PT/Ot etc...?
    A: Special Education student schedules will be determined on an individual basis as per the IEP. Determinations will also be made on how best to offer related services, (OT/PT/Speech) when students are present in the district.
  4. Q: Will siblings in the middle and high school be in school on the same days each week?
    A: Yes. The district will schedule families to be in school on the same days.
  5. Q: Will the HS and MS run on the same time schedule, or will they be running on a staggered time schedule as in previous years?
    A: The initial time schedule will be that of the ‘early dismissal’ days. The MS will run from 7:30 AM to 12:05 PM and the HS will operate from 7:20 AM to 11:55 AM.
  6. Q: Moving forward with the hybrid model will those families of multiple students between both HS and MS be on the same teams so that those children will be at school on the same days and virtual learning from home on the same schedule?
    A: Yes. We plan to keep families on the same schedule.
  7. Q: We are new to Northern Burlington. We do not have access to power school.
    A: All new families have access to PowerSchool. They are given a PowerSchool account when they complete the registration process and forms. Parents of students with IEPs or 504s should provide a copy to the school when they register. They can also forward a copy to the special services office to ensure all paperwork is received.


  1. Q: Was the school system able to work with the Base to ensure that buses can pick up and drop off students when school opens back up?
    A: Yes. The district continues to work closely with JBMDL. Decisions are made in partnership with base leadership.


  1. Q: With the students passing in the halls; will there be an established direction - down hall on the right, up the hall on the left?
    A: The administration is reviewing strategies to monitor student walking traffic protocols and some revisions are anticipated.


  1. Q: Is there a protocol in the nurse's office regarding isolation of possible cases and quarantine of contacts?
    A. Yes.


  1. Q: Will students who are participating in 100% remote instruction be allowed to participate in activities such as band and sports?
    A: Students who are participating in 100% remote instruction will be permitted to participate in the activities during the summer. However, at this time, NB’s plan to reopen schools in the fall does not permit the students who select the 100% remote program to come on to campus in the afternoon and participate in any in-person activities. However, these students will have the option to participate in activities that occur virtually. This protocol is still under review.

  2. Q: Will the weight room be accessible this year?
    A: As of July 28, 2020, the weight room will not be open.
  3. Q: Are there plans for extracurricular activities such as Fall Play?
    A: We are working to keep all activities within the current guidelines. Students will participate on their scheduled in-person day.
  4. Q: Will electives still be offered?
    A: The master schedule includes all courses selected during the scheduling process. All electives will be offered as part of student schedules, including SILC, PEER Leadership, Visual & Performing Arts, and Applied Technology.
  5. Q: How are students expected to get back up to school for after school activities?
    A: After school activities will occur immediately following dismissal. Students in the assigned cohort that is in-person will be able to participate. Students in the remote cohort will not be permitted to participate during their remote days.
  6. Q: If we choose the 100% remote option, will there be any opportunities for the students to participate in clubs or other extra-curricular activities, and how would that work?
    A: Students who are 100% remote will not be permitted to participate in in-person activities. Advisors are planning to facilitate activities virtually when possible.


  1. Q: Individual chromebook maintenance plan?
    A: A plan is being developed. All chromebooks will be properly maintained by the district. Students are expected to bring to school their full-charged chromebook daily. Similar to all school issued equipment, students are responsible for reasonable care of the device.
  2. Q: How can we post our decision to attend in person or remote when we do not have access to power school.
    A. All families should have created a PowerSchool account at the time of registration. If you did not create an account please email your child’s counselor for assistance. If you have created an account, it is possible you may just need to reset your password. A link to login is in our school website.


  1. Q: Will Sophomores/Juniors sit for the PSAT in October?
    A. Northern Burlington will follow the guidance of Collegeboard. At this time a decision has not been made about PSAT testing.
  2. Q: Will State Testing still be a requirement?
    A: The NJDOE is committed to providing fair notice to students and educators and will continue to collaborate with stakeholders to transition to the next generation of statewide assessments. https://www.state.nj.us/education/assessment/paren...
  3. Q: Will there be any additional support resources, like partnering with local colleges for student teachers to tutor students either at school or in the home?
    A: Northern Burlington National Honor society has and will continue to provide tutoring services to students.
  4. Q: I would like to learn more details about virtual learning and how you will be incorporating 504 needs into the planning?
    A: Contact the appropriate 504 Coordinator with any questions:

    HS - Nancy Hoch: nhoch@nburlington.com
    MS - Susan Grater: sgrater@nburlington.com

  5. Q: Could there possibly be a virtual meeting geared towards 7th grade parents?
    A: We continue to hold parent meetings. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and check email for ongoing announcements about meetings. Additional details on Orientation for Grade 7 will be provided.
  6. Q: Will the district move to Pass/Fail?
    A: No. Teachers will continue to provide feedback and report student progress according to established district guidelines.


  1. Q: Can you clarify the schedule for Wednesday? Is that like a catch up day with no new instruction?
    A: Wednesday provides an opportunity for students to continue on the learning plan assigned by the teacher. Students are expected to login for attendance reporting.