1.Q: My son has been assigned numerous YouTube videos to watch from several of his teachers, however, most, if not all, of these videos are blocked by the district. This is forcing him to sign out of his school account to watch the videos or watch them on a different device.  

I am not sure if others are experiencing the same issue, but if the district has blocked most of these YouTube channels, it would be helpful to have them unblocked during this remote learning time.

A: When students are logged into the internet on a district issued Google Account, the district controls access to only appropriate accounts with the support of protective screening software. As a result, we are finding that there are some YouTube videos that are being restricted and should not be restricted by this protective software. At this time, we are working with our tech department and the teachers to post these videos in their GoogleClassroom for students to view. We do regret this inconvenience. We will continue to work for solutions to these problems during this time of remote learning. 


1. Q: How much time will my child be expected to spend on assignments per day per week.
A: Each teacher is expected to deliver two hours of instruction per week per course. Most students’ schedules include 7 or 8 courses. Their time on tasks beyond participating in the instruction will depend on each teachers’ assignments.

2.Q: What is the best way for me or my child to contact a teacher?
A: Each teacher has established and shared a variety of communication methods including e-mail, Google Classroom, and apps such as Google Voice and Remind. Additionally, each department has one office hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon each day.

3. Q: If my child is sick what is the expectation for their school work? Is attendance being recorded?
A: All students are marked present each day unless it is determined that a student was not participating in any such instruction during the health-related school closure. Teachers have been instructed to contact the parent/guardian of any student who is not keeping up with assignments. Students are expected to complete assignments posted in the time frames noted by teachers. If your child is too ill to complete the assignments, please communicate that with the teacher. Once school reopens we will resume normal attendance procedures.

4. Q: I now need a device for my child for use at home? How can I obtain one?
A: Parents should contact Mrs. Mallory at cmallory@nburlington.com and make an appointment to pick up a device.

5. Q: Are there any available options for obtaining internet for home use?
A: Comcast offers a special package for families that do not have access to the internet. To sign up, applicants can simply visit www.internetessentials.com. The accessible website also includes the option to video chat with customer service agents in American Sign Language. There are also two dedicated phone numbers 1-855-846-8376 for English and 1-855-765-6995 for Spanish.

6. Q: Can you clarify how attendance will be taken in each class?
A: All students are marked present each day unless the parent or teacher notifies the Attendance Office and it is determined a student was not participating in any such instruction during the health-related school closure.

7. Q: Will each teacher make explicit what and how students will be assessed? Are deadlines going to be hard or flexible for student work?
A: If there is uncertainty about grading, parents are encouraged to contact teachers with questions. While deadlines are important and we strive to be flexible, communication is key.

8. Q: Some schools are shutting down their grade books for teachers and students. What will NB decide on this?
A: Teachers will continue to report student progress via PowerSchool.

9. Q: We heard from our son's HS LA teacher in an email yesterday. Will all core academic teachers be sending an email to parents?
A: All teachers and/or teams sent an introductory email at the start of virtual learning. Please contact the teacher if you have not received sufficient information.

10. Q: Will counselors have virtual office hours for students?
A: All departments, including Counseling are following a district established office hours schedule.

11. Q: I’m sure like many families, we are parents who are working while also trying to be their children’s teachers. We are all impacted by this virus in our own way. I have a child in your high school and one in middle school. I also have another in elementary. Will teachers post instructional video clips to accompany new material soon? Classroom posts I have seen so far seem to be “read this and answer these questions or respond”. Students need explanation and instruction too, especially those who have an IEP or really need that auditory support/visual demonstration. It would be great if teachers could add audio, recorded video, or a Google Hangout session actually teaching as this thing carries on.
A: If parents have concerns regarding instruction in a particular course, they are encouraged to contact the director of the department. Many teachers have been utilizing a variety of online platforms such as Edpuzzle and screencastify to provide guided instruction. We encourage parents to follow us on Twitter as the district posts daily examples of how teachers are supporting student learning.

12. Q: Office hours and emails are great but the “online portal” so far is too static. Classrooms have a lot of capability to support a true online learning environment. Zoom is great too. I am thankful for the district’s response to get things set up given the unprecedented situation and barely any time to plan.
A: As the virtual instruction period continues, we anticipate an evolution of varied interactions between students and teachers. NB is committed to providing quality instruction and how the administration is supporting teachers in all these efforts.

13. Q: I was wondering if it would be possible to encourage teachers to post the day's assignments and feedback at specific times? Maybe from 8am to 10am for assignments, and later in the day, say 3pm to 4pm, for any feedback? This would help us organize our day as to what needs to be done immediately and what needs to be planned for the next day.
A: All departments are following a district established office hours schedule and each department has one office hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon each day. 


1. Q: My child was not able to attend school on Friday. Will he/she be allowed to come to school and pick up necessary items from his locker?
A: Yes. You will be asked to call the school and set up an appointment to come and gain access to your son’s locker. You will be asked to accompany your child to and from his locker. There will be no visitors on Monday, March 16th. Access will be scheduled for Tuesday.

2. Q: I have concerns since my daughter is in the 8th grade with the support needed in the classroom and home instruction. How will her IEP be implemented on-line
A: Yes. Special Education Teachers will ensure that appropriate modifications are provided, based on your child’s current IEP for her on-line learning.

3. Q: My child receives individual speech services at school. Will they be provided during this time?
A: No. All related services that will be missed due to the school closure will be provided once school is back in session. (OT, PT, Speech, group counseling, behavioral support)

4. Q: What type of schedule is my child expected to follow? Do you recommend a daily routine? What times will “school” be in session
A: Teachers have posted “office hours” when they will be available. They will also be on Google Classroom and providing other feedback to students. However, given that families may have limited devices to access the internet, they should generally complete assignments on a schedule that works best for each family.

5. Q: I now need a device for my child for use at home? How can I obtain one?
A: Parents should call the principal and make an appointment to pick up the device.