Name Position Email Extension

Ms. Lisa Pirrello-Peters
Director of Special Education and 504 Compliance Officer


Ms. Susan Grater
Middle School Assistant Principal and 504 Coordinator


Ms. Nancy Hoch
High School Assistant Principal and 504 Coordinator


Students with disabilities requiring only reasonable accommodation must have a written plan under Section 504; this is commonly referred to as a 504 Plan. Each public school should have a person (usually an assistant principal or a guidance counselor, but not a special educator) who serves as the school's "504 coordinator." This person should coordinate the development, maintenance, and implementation of 504 Plans.

504 Plans should be developed by a committee, consisting of the student with a disability (if appropriate), the student's parent(s)/guardian(s), the student's teacher(s), the student's counselor, and the 504 coordinator. Additionally, special educators often serve as advisors to 504 committees. The student's disability and corresponding need for reasonable, accommodation are identified and documented in the plan. Likewise, the plan delineates the specific accommodations, which will be implemented by the school. All school staff involved in the provision of accommodations should be contacted by the 504 coordinator and made aware of their duties and responsibilities. The plan itself should be updated at least annually. If you believe your child may be eligible for a 504 Plan please contact the appropriate Assistant Principal in either the Middle School or High School.