Criteria: According to the Strengthening G&T Education Act passed into law by NJ Governor Murphy in January 2020, a "Gifted and talented student means a student who possesses or demonstrates a high level of ability in one or more content areas when compared to his chronological peers in the school district and who requires modifications of his educational program if he is to achieve in accordance with his capabilities.” Northern Burlington uses multiple measures to identify gifted students and consults the Gifted Programming Standards of the National Association for Gifted Children in developing programs for gifted and talented students.

    According to the National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC.org), gifted students may exhibit many of the following characteristics:

    Keen power of abstraction

    Interest in problem-solving and applying concepts

    Voracious and early reader

    Large vocabulary

    Intellectual curiosity

    Power of critical thinking, skepticism, self-criticism

    Persistent, goal-directed behavior

    Independence in work and study

    Diversity of interests and abilities

    Creativeness and inventiveness

    Keen sense of humor

    Ability for fantasy

    Openness to stimuli, wide interests



    Independence in attitude and social behavior

    Self-acceptance and unconcern for social norms


    Aesthetic and moral commitment to self-selected work

    Unusual emotional depth and intensity

    Sensitivity or empathy to the feelings of others

    High expectations of self and others, often leading to feelings of frustration

    Heightened self-awareness, accompanied by feelings of being different

    Easily wounded, need for emotional support

    Need for consistency between abstract values and personal actions

    Advanced levels of moral judgment

    Idealism and sense of justice


    Boundless enthusiasm

    Resists changing activities when engrossed in own interests

    Highly energetic

    Constantly questions

    Insatiable curiosity

    Impulsive, eager and spirited

    Strong determination in areas of importance

    High levels of frustration when doesn’t meet standards

    Volatile temper, especially related to perceptions of failure

    Non-stop talking/chattering

    Identification Process: Northern Burlington uses multiple measures to identify gifted students: one measure of identification is the Naglieri Non-verbal Ability Test (NNAT3), a nationally recognized test used to identify giftedness. The NNAT3 is a non-verbal assessment, which means that anyone can take this test, including twice-exceptional and ELL students. Registration is open to all students in April; students must score within the 90th percentile on the NNAT3 to advance to the next qualifying round. Other measures such as standardized scores and grades can be reviewed. Once identified, students’ parents are contacted, and students are then invited to enroll in Northern Burlington's Gifted & Talented program or can defer enrollment as scheduling permits.

    Northern Burlington’s G&T Program: In 7th and 8th grade, Northern Burlington’s G&T program is called R.O.G.A.T.E. (Resources Offered for Gifted And Talented Education); at the high school, Northern Burlington offers G&T Seminars I, II, & III. The course follows a holistic approach to teaching gifted students, focusing on students’ inherent passions and interests as well as developing their social skills. The G&T Program at Northern Burlington offers students a safe space to discover and explore with confidence and autonomy through passion projects, research, & public speaking. These courses are electives. Once students qualify, they can enter in and out of the program as scheduling permits.

    Continuum of Learning: Northern Burlington provides educational resources on the district’s website to help parents identify giftedness in their children as well as guide parental support at home. Teachers, educational staff, and administrators will also continue to develop their knowledge of giftedness and efficacy in effective strategies for teaching gifted students through on-going professional training and literature accessible on the district’s website. In an effort to increase communication between the district and other stakeholders, periodic updates will be posted on Twitter and on the district’s Facebook page.


    1. National Association for Gifted Children
    2. The New Jersey Association for Gifted Children
    3. New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Gifted & Talented
    4. World Council for Gifted & Talented Children

    Complaint procedures
    regarding non-compliance with district G&T policy.

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