The Northern Burlington County Regional School District's Counseling Department serves as a valuable resource for students, parents and the community. The Counseling Department views each student as an individual with unique needs. Counselors are concerned with the whole child, addressing the academic, social and emotional needs of each student. NBC counselors are prepared to assist students in personal growth through development of educational planning, self-awareness, collection, interpretation, and utilization of data, setting of goals, decision making, implementation of career plans and evaluation of personal and career goals.

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Ms. Caitlin MalloryDirector of Student Personnel Servicescmallory@nburlington.com
Ms. Teddilee CarterSecretary tcarter@nburlington.com2050
Ms. Vickie SheppardRegistrarvsheppard@nburlington.com2051
Ms. Debra McMullenStudent Data Management Specialistdmcmullen@nburlington.com2089
Mr. Kevin PatrickCounselor
Class of 2019: A-D
Class of 2020: A-D
Class of 2021: A-C
Class of 2022: A-C
Mr. Kenneth Mauss

Class of 2019: E-H
Class of 2020: E-H
Class of 2021: D-J

Class of 2022: D-G

kmauss@nburlington.com 2049
Ms. Margaret DukeCounselor
Class of 2019: I-M
Class of 2020: I-M
Class of 2021: K-M

Class of 2022: K-Ma

Ms. Samantha CreanCounselor
Class of 2019: H-Sh
Class of 2020: H-Sh
Class of 2021: N-Sp

Class of 2022: Mc-R

Ms. Casey FaustCounselor
Class of 2019: Si-Z
Class of 2020: Si-Z
Class of 2021: St-Z

Class of 2022: S-Z

Ms. Tara CorcoranCounselor A-Z
(As Assigned)